Collaboration with Jim Avignon

About this collaboration I’m very happy, because I admire Jim’s work since many years. Actually since the age of 15 after my first visit in Berlin, where I saw Jim’s artwork on the front of a hat shop. I liked it so much, that I copied his painting in my room at home. The slogan of Jim’s picture was ‘Life Starts here’ and so was the one in my bedroom.

The blinds are opened and closed by servos which are controlled by an arduino pro:

[vimeo 137943389 w=500 h=375]

Das Rendezvous der virtuellen Freunde from Johannes on Vimeo.

Perfect Match (Cologne):

perfect match cologne.jpg

Hau den Facebook (Cologne):

hau den facebook cologne.jpg

Moment of Truth (Cologne):

moment of truth.jpg

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