Human Beat Machine

This interactive installation disrupts the line between the audience and artists. We want everyone to contribute to the music without the need of any musical knowledge. We’ve developed several interactive stations where groups of people can trigger sounds and become part of the musical performance. We also have developed a way to guide the various groups so all the elements can come together and at least sometimes come together in harmony.

Here you can see some of the interactive stations:

Progression Jump Station:

Each tile triggers a different chord. By jumping on the tiles in a certain order the audience can create various progressions. The audience takes turns to jump on the tiles.

Sound Ball:

The Sound Ball is a plastic ball with a diameter of 1 meter. A trigger is attached and wirelessly sends a signal to the audio station whenever the ball is caught by a person so a sound is triggered that is in harmony with the chords

Bass Becher:

The trigger attached to the Bass Becher triggers a funky bass line that fits both in timing and harmonically to the other instruments. With the know the audience can control the cutoff of the filter.

Step Sequencer:

The audience can come up with a groovy beat by adding distinct percussive elements to the beat. The beat slowly evolves by the contribution of various people. With knobs the beat can be manipulated. The beat is the foundation of the human beat machine.

Sample Ping Pong:

This station enables the audience to trigger various pre recorded samples or samples that have been recorded by the audience. The ping Pong Ball moves with the beat and helps the audience to trigger the samples in the right time.

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