Arduino / Teensy Prototyping Workshop

(picture by Pablo David)

Prototyping isn’t only the best way to test & develop new ideas, it’s also fun and a great source for inspiration. Therefor I started sharing my Arduino and Teensy skills and offer workshops regularly. The five hours hands on experience empowers the participants to come up with their own ideas and is the kick-off for their own learning journey. The participants learn by assembling and playing with a prepared project, that goes beyond turning on and off LED’s.

Strategies will be shared, that empower also people without or with only little programming skills to put their own original ideas into practice.

Workshops were hold in cooperation with:

Goethe Institut.png     HPI Academy       Charité.png      d-school1-e1496331127419.png       hubei University        


[vimeo 143996818 w=500 h=281]


Arduino / Teensy Workshop Teaser from Johannes on Vimeo.

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