SHOXXXBOXXX Livedream is an online live-streaming with live animations, DIY workshops and more! We invite artists into our special-made dreamy box and you watch live what they perform there.


LIVEDREAM #19 with Mark Reeder

Mark Reeder is a musician and record producer from Manchester living in Berlin since 1978.

Today, he is not only a highly sought-after producer, DJ and remixer, but also as a lecturer or speaker, due to his valuable first-hand experience as a record producer and label manager and his understanding of the Berlin music scene in both East and West Berlin during the 1980s and 90s, continuing up to the present day.


LIVEDREAM #21 with Toni Kater

Toni Kater is a musician and author based in Berlin. Her Solo Debut she started in 2004 at the 2raumwohnung label it sounds, which became a big succes.

In 2011 she founded her own record label Toni Kater Records, on which she has already released several albums. Characteristics of her songs are the timeless ambiguous lyrics and a deep honesty. Beside her Solo Project she composes music for theater and movies too. As a writer of fables she has already published three books.

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